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Working Building Fire

04:47 3-15-2014 #011908 BUSINESS FIRE UNCLE WILLIE’S 15914 LOWER GEORGES CREEK Rd SW BOX:F2004 DUE:E201 E182 E191 SQ18 RIT17 A363

Fire running the floor from basement/1st floor. Fire in the walls to the roof area.



Live Burn Training

Training took place in Lonaconing MD. on 11-23-2013. ET-191 was up with 5 personnel.  Companies 20 Good Will, 19 Barton, 18 Midland, 17 Shaft.


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Photos from Years Ago

Some old pictures that my mother and father collected over the years.

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Old Photos Barton Hose Co.Old Photos Barton Hose Co.7Station19 1990-1997

Fire in the Wall

6-24-2013 2:16pm at the Lonaconing Laundromat for a fire in the wall.  Crews checked the walls and located a small fire.

6-24-13 Coney6-24-13 Coney b6-24-13 Coney


04:51 03-04-2013 #009678 HOUSE FIRE 15500 BLOCK COOL MIST LN BOX:F2002 DUE:E201 E181 E191 SQ18 RIT17 A363

Fire found in the floor/wall between the first and second floor, pulled / cut floor, walls and ceiling.  Fire extended out from the chimney area approx. 8 feet.

Working Shed Fire Orchard St. Piedmont WV.

02:53 02-28-2013 #009112 HOUSE FIRE 33 ORCHARD ST, PIEDMONT BOX:FMIN DUE:CO22 CO36 CO19 E201 TR16 SQ18

Working fire with single family home exposure.


Reported Porch Fire Lonaconing MD.

15:47 #014203 HOUSE FIRE 16 ISLAND ST BOX:F2001 DUE:E201 E181 E191 T18 SQ18 RIT17

On 4-03-12 at approx. 3:46PM Companies 20,18,19,17 along with EMS 55 were alerted for a reported porch on fire Island St. in Lonaconing.  First arriving Eng.-Rescue 201 reported a working structure fire attacking the fire with hand lines.  Eng.-Tanker 191 was next on-scene with the crew being placed in service on side “C” and ordered to make their way into the second floor and open up, fire attack.  ET-191 crew had no opening to the second floor interior from side “C” and they moved to side “B”.  ET-191 crew made their way to the second floor and contacted the crew from ER-201 from side “D”.  1- hand line was pulled from ET-191 and placed into a second floor window on side “A”.  The fire was knocked in approx. 15-20 minutes and crews worked for about 1 hour with overhaul.  It was a good knock down by ER-201 crew with heavy fire on side “D” interior and exterior.  Several companies operated on scene, 20,19,18,17,22,36,24 and Air-14.  Companies 2 and 36 were on stand-by during the fire.  MD.SFMO is investigating the cause of the fire.  **Photos**  **Video**


Garbage Dump Fire

On 10/30/10 at 3:15 PM the Barton Fire Co. was alerted to assist Co.20 for a garbage fire on Jackson Mtn. Rd.  Brush 19 & ET-19 responded and was out for approx. 2 hours.  Several thousand gallons of water was used with foam added.  Companies on scene were 20, 19, 18, DNR and Co.22 stood-by at their station for Co.19. 

IMG_0190IMG_0203Map picture

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